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Nuance Power PDF Advanced 2.1

Creates, views, converts and shared PDF documents
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Work with bundles of data by inserting them into documents and creating PDF files of different types, adding imagery, notifications, changing backgrounds, etc. The suite also supports MS Office document conversion and OCR recognition to create searchable content.

Nuance Power PDF Advanced is a software program designed to create, edit and assemble PDF files on your computer. The installation process takes several minutes because of its large file size, so you need to have a little patience before start using the program. The large file size is an indicator of the program's comprehensivity and complexity.

The program's interface can be overwhelming for a novice user due to the numerous buttons and functions displayed on the front menu. Thankfully, the program has a user manual that can successfully guide any user. Also, the interface is highly customizable and has an innovative mix of grey and purple tones.

Next, Nuance Power PDF Advanced has various features designed to fulfill every user's needs. It can create and compile PDF files regardless of the file type, can convert PDF files to other formats, such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint, and can offer tools to create digital and stamp-based signatures for your documents.

Moreover, it offers support for cloud connection, so you can import files from Dropbox, Evernote or Microsoft OneDrive. Of course, exporting files is also possible, having a wide range of categories, such as MS Office, Image format, Text format, or PDF format, each with several output profiles.

One cool feature, that is only available in this version, is the possibility to redact sensitive information from documents. This way, you can search and redact specific words or phrases from an open PDF document, selected documents in a PDF package or Portfolio or an entire PDF package.

To sum it up, Nuance Power PDF Advanced is a complex PDF file manager, one that has numerous enhancements compared to the Standard version, and which includes various functionalities. The only downsides, that can alter the decision to buy it, are the high memory usage and the price.

John Saunders
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  • Has a Redact feature
  • The interface is highly customizable
  • Offers cloud support


  • Has a high memory usage
  • The price is too high
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